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Online dvd rental is no doubt the easiest way to rent your favorite new dvd rentals including dvds, movies, and games, Particularly if you live in a rural area or far away from your local video rental store or your local rental store has a limited selection of dvd movies or games. There are quite a few services to choose from so it makes sense to compare online dvd rental to choose the best service. You could spend hours researching each companies website so to make it easier for you, you can compare services side by side here.

How online dvd rental works

Several online dvd rental and online video game rental website listed here offer FREE TRIALS. Here's how online dvd rental works. Most online dvd rental websites work this way.

You sign up online with a credit card or debit card, possibly for a free trial.

You browse the online dvd rental website for the dvds you want to rent. The dvd rentals are added to your rental wish list or queue. The queue is ordered by priority. The first available dvds in your queue are sent to you by mail. An online dvd rental service stocks many titles, thousands in fact. Compare that to your local movie store. The dvd rentals arrive in your mailbox . Your online dvd rentals arrive in 1 to 4 days and come with pre-paid return mailers. Compare that to driving to the movie store, waiting in line, and having to return dvd movies in a few days and you can see how convient this can be.

You enjoy your online dvd rentals for as long as you like. When you're done watching a dvd movie, you send it back in the pre-paid mailer without worrying about late fees. When the online dvd rental service recieves the dvd movie, the next available dvd in your queue is sent to you.

It's that simple. Your unlimited dvd movie rentals arrive in your mailbox postage paid, with no late fees, for one low monthly rate and without hassle.

Imagine coming home from work to find that movie you've been dying to see in your mail. With work, school, kids soccer practice, and all the things that sometimes keep us too busy to do the things that we like, services like these can make your life a little easier. These rentals sites are starting to offer more choices in dvd rental plans online including pay per rental services. So rent dvd titles online from one of these services. Compare online dvd rental here, Save money, save time and get free trials!

Website free trial late fees turn around number of rentals price Region
Try Netflix Online DVD Rental For Free.Dvd RentalNetflix
Detailed comparison
Netflix was one of the first online dvd rental services and offers a large selection of dvds for rent by mail and online(40,000). Netflix has many shipping centers nationwide to bring dvd turn-around time to a minimum. Even with Newcomers like Blockbuster and Walmart dropping prices to record lows, (as low as $12.97 for Walmart) They have held their price at $17.99 per month. Netflix also offers a 14 day free trial. Rent dvd with Netflix.
14 Day free trial no 1 - 3 days, 29 shipping centers 1 - 3 dvds $9.99 to $17.99 US only
Blockbuster_check_anim._120x600 - 10.6.04BLOCKBUSTER™ online dvd rental
Detailed comparison
Being one of the largest movie rental chains in the U.S. BLOCKBUSTER™ also has one of the largest libraries for online dvd rental available in the U.S. BLOCKBUSTER™ is one of the first online dvd and online game rental services to drop prices below Netflix's $17.99 per month. Now you can rent videos online from anywhere in the country. BLOCKBUSTER offers a free 14 day trial period and several program options.
free trial no 2 - 3 days 3 dvds $14.99(special $9.99!) United states
DVD avenue online dvd rentals DVD AVENUE Rent dvds online by mail.
Detailed comparison
DVD Avenue is another good online dvd rental website. With 2 to 8 dvds plans ranging from $14.95 to $44.95, DVD Avenue is a well balanced service. They also offer video games for rent online for several game systems including PS 2, Playstation 1, and Xbox platforms. DVD Avenue ships dvds and games by first class US mail from the Washington D.C. area. Rent dvd and game titles with Dvd
no free trial no 1 - 3 days, sooner for washington D.C. 2 - 8 dvds or games $14.95 to $44.95 US only
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