Blockbuster Vs. Other dvd rental sites

Compare Blockbuster and online dvd rental.


Online dvd rental

Special offer2 Week Free Trial
Number of titles95,000
Delivery time1 to 3 days

Dvd rental plans

Ranging from $11.99 to $19.99

Online Dvd Rental Formats

  • Standard Digital Video Disc
  • HD DVD
  • Blu-Ray DVD


Being one of the largest movie rental chains in the U.S. BlOCKBUSTER also has one of the largest libraries for online dvd rental available in the U.S. You can try out the dvd by mail service with their 2 week free trial and you can exchange up to 5 movies per month in store. Being a brick and mortar giant in the movie rental industry has given BLOCKBUSTER online dvd rental an edge in the market. You can now trade in the dvds you receive in the mail for new titles in any Blockbuster Video store! You can also return your dvds to any store and they will mail them back for you. Now you can rent videos online from anywhere in the country. Blockbuster Movies has to be one of the most well rounded online dvd rental services around with a broad range of plans and special features not available anywhere else.

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