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Ehit online dvd rental free trial

Ehit asian online dvd rental

Ehit free trialSpecial offer10 day free trial
Ehit dvd rental titlesNumber of titlesunknown
Ehit delivery timeDelivery time1 to 4 days

Dvd rental plans

  • 2 dvd rental - $13.95
  • 4 dvd rental - $19.95
  • 6 dvd rental - $29.95
  • 8 dvd rental - $39.95


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Ehit asian online dvd rental has dvd rental services for asian speaking movie viewers. has dvd movie rentals in chinese, japanese, and korean as well as english dvd movie rentals and new releases. The website allows you to browse for online dvd movie rentals in english or chinese.

Ehit online movie rental has a wide selection of plans to choose from ranging from $13.95 to $39.95 for two to eight dvd movies at a time. Ehit also offers a 10 day free trial to get you started.

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