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Qwikfliks online dvd rental

Special offernone
Number of titles29,500
Delivery time1 to 3 days west coast

Dvd rental plans

  • 2 dvds at a time, limit 4 per month - $10.95
  • 2 dvds at a time, limit 6 per month - $13.95
  • 4 dvds at a time, limit 8 per Month - $16.95
  • 4 dvds at a time, limit 12 per month - $23.95
  • 2 dvd unlimited plan - $15.99
  • 3 dvd unlimited plan - $19.95
  • 4 dvd unlimited plan - $23.99


Qwikflicks online dvd rental is a great choice for west coast consumers. They offer 2 different membership options, the rapid return option limits the number of dvds to 4 or 6 dvds per month, with 2 dvds out at a time, or several standard unlimited monthly rental plans.The lowest priced budget plan at $10.95 per month is the lowest price anywhere.

Qwikflicks caters to people who appreciate small business mentality and pride in their customer service and does offer nationwide service to those who don't mind waiting a little longer to get their dvds.

Qwikfliks also has a a uniqe check in feature that reduces turn around time. You simply go to their website and tell them you've mailed the movies back and they will send out your next dvd selections. Rent dvd titles with Qwikflicks.

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All online Movie Rental Co's are a scam game!!! Once they have your credit card #'s they just bleed you to death. The only way we, the people who just want a reliable relationship with them, is to make the FTC hammer these &*)(*&^%$ 's

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